Think food truck minus the engine at your office! Pick what you want and we make it to order!!!

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Pop Up Catering

How it Works

Pure Pita brings our restaurant to you on site, sets up, serves and sells food directly to your employees or tenants. All cooking and preparation is done in our restaurant kitchen and then each meal is constructed on site to your employee’s specifications. Our pop up customers love that they can count on convenient, quick access to healthy food prepared with high quality ingredients. With a variety of menus on rotation to choose from, you’ll never get bored of the same ol’ lunch again!

Convenience, Variety & Savings

Pop ups lasts approx. two hours and the area left spotless once the event has concluded. Lunches are generally $8-$10, more affordable than going out for a meal and more reliable than ordering delivery. Since employees pay for meals directly, there is no cost to your business, just well nourished and happy employees. For every $1000 your employees spend, you’ll get $50 in Pure Pita gift cards to reward stand out employees!! We’ll return as many times as your employees desire and provide a unique menu and experience every time.

Corporate Benefits

More Productivity - It takes just 5 minutes to bring lunch straight back to your work station. No time wasted deciding where to eat, what to order, or patiently waiting for your delivery to arrive on time.

More Value - Our freshly prepared lunches are the best way to get the most value for your money, typically more economical than other local options.

More Connection - Featuring Pure Pita Pop Ups is an employee perk that shows you care about your team. It helps foster morale and encourages interoffice communication through a shared culinary experience.


Power: One or two 120V outlets
Space: Minimum of 12 ft x 7 ft
Other: Access to Water & Wifi